Comic Book Illustration

Grade Recommendations: 1-4, 3-6

What You will Learn

Let students explore the incredible world of Comic Book Illustration and learn to take their creativity to a whole new level!

  • Students will learn about character development, storyboarding, panelling, story design, color theory and how to hone their art style.
  • Instructors will teach students how to create comics using tradition art along with digital software, so they may work comfortably in whichever medium they prefer.
  • By the end of the course, each student will leave with their very own comic book they created in class, along with a strong introduction to digital art processes and comic composition concepts.

Program Learning Strategies

Bitcoin STEM supports a blended learning strategy which includes direct instruction, interactive instruction and experiential learning.


What is Direct Instruction?

Highly teacher-directed and among the most commonly used. This strategy is effective for providing information or developing step-by-step skills. It also works well for introducing other teaching methods, or actively involving students in knowledge constructions.


What is Interactive Instruction?

It relies heavily on discussion and sharing among participants. Students can learn from peers and teachers to develop social skills and abilities, to organize their thoughts, and to develop Rational arguments. The interactive instruction strategy allows for a range of groupings and interactive Methods. Interactive instruction requires the refinement of observation, listening, interpersonal, and Intervention skills and abilities by both teacher and students.


What is Experiential Learning?

It is inductive, learner centered, and activity oriented. Personalized reflection about an experience and the formulation of plans to apply learning to other contexts are critical factors in effective experiential learning. The emphasis in experiential learning is on the process of learning and not on the product.

How work

Course Content

  • Available for after school enrichment and summer camps

  1. Students will be introduced to the digital art software FireAlpaca. They will build confidence in navigating its interface, and using a digital drawing tablet to draw and color on the screen.
  2. Students will learn about and discuss the different art styles often found in comic books. They will practice their fine motor skills with drawing warm-up activities, then begin their sketching ideas.
  3. Students will create detailed character sheets of their comic’s protagonist in different angles and poses.
  4. Students will learn how to create panels for their comic using different methods to craft well-composed scenes. They will begin drawing their main story.
  5. Students will learn to create speech bubbles and add text. They will discover how the shape of the bubble and font of the words can impact how we read the dialogue.
  6. Students will look at examples of real comic book covers, and then create their own.
  7. Students will continue working on their comic book projects and add finishing touches.
  8. Students will finish working on their stories and comic covers so that their projects are ready to be saved and sent home!


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Program Policies

With Bitcoin STEM, creating a safe learning environment is our top priority. Because we are a supplementary educational program (after school), we do our best to coordinate with the schools, after school care programs, educational agencies, etc. that collaborate with our organization to provide learning services, and we endeavor to uphold the learning safety programs they have in place. Because after-school procedure can vary from school to school, we like to inform all parents of general procedures and expectations for participating in a Bitcoin STEM course.

Students are expected to participate in all class activities as presented in class. Please note that multiple missed classes can impact the student’s depth of retention of materials and concepts.

If you find that your child is having any trouble keeping up with assignments or other aspects of the program, make sure you let their teacher know as soon as possible. Please make sure to encourage your child to be proactive in informing their teacher when difficulties arise during the program so that we can help find a solution.

Students in this program are expected to maintain their adherence to their regular school code of conduct, participation, commitment to active learning and participation in the class and also integrity in your behavior in the classroom.

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